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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lots and lots

Whew, a really busy past few days. Corky was helping my Grandson build a wooden toy gun on the deck he is installing and boys being boys, they got so wrapped up in the fun project that Corky backed up right "off the deck". That's right, over the edge and 10 feet down. He flapped his arms, but failed to take flight and jumped to avoid the heat pump below and landed on his feet (post Rugby manouever I suppose) but unfortunately things are not as flexible as they were and my Grandson Jaden who was with him heard the "crack" when Grandpa hit the ground. It was very fortunate that Jaden(10) had just finished a St. John's Ambulance Course the previous week as he knew just what to do. He found help "me" and raced back to ensure that Grandpa laid still. I immediately called 911 and Jaden came back and said "he's ok" and I cancelled the 911 call, but did find that my darling was sure not walking when he got up. Jaden was very disgusted with Grandpa when he would not follow the rules and lay still, but tried to walk. Corky was bloody lucky that Jaden was there, as it would have been a very tough trip, crawling up the hill with a broken ankle while Grandma was busy on other parts of the farm. So, Jaden was the hero of the day. We hustled Corky off to the hospital where the usual hospital story unfolded with waits in the waiting room, coming back two days later for surgery at 11 am and finally getting in at 11 PM. We stayed with him and Jaden had a blast exploring the hospital and shmoozing with the nurses and orderlies and generally deciding that he rather liked the hospital scene. We got home at 2 am and managed to get back in at 8 am to pick Corky back up. So, all is well and we are glad that it was only his ankle which will heal in about 5 months. Needless to say things will be rather slower here as I pick up his end of the operation as well as my own. Not sure if we will make the Regional or not. Yukon, Burgundy and a couple of our other felines are in line for awards, but will have to see how things go.
Apart from that kittens, cats, dogs, sheep are all doing fine. We were going to the All Canada Classic Sheep show and sale in Saskatchewan, but cancelled that rather abruptly with the turn of events. Not sure if we will get too many sheep shows done, but again, will see. So, please forgive me if I am late getting back to you and especially Revenue Canada etc., might have to wait a bit to hear back from me while I keep things rolling along here.
Good news is that Tina, my oldest and her two sweethearts, Zach and Ty, whom most of the cat fancy have met, are coming out tomorrow. Tina will be here briefly as she has a pile of work in her two businesses to keep up with, but we get to have Zach and Ty for a week or two which we will all enjoy profusely. Lots of time at the beach and hanging around the chickens, chicks, cats, kittens, dogs and sheep and horses. Love those little guys. Have to squeeze as much time with them right now before they head in to the lovely teen years, when likely everyone will pass on their moods and opinions for a spell. Right now they are all just delightful. Sherean and her family are also planning to come out at the end of the Summer. Fortunately Grandpa will be laid up enough that he won't be able to get away from them too quickly. They all love to spend time with Grandpa. So, things could be much worse. Take care everyone.

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