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Sunday, October 23, 2011

To Calgary We Go

It's been awhile since I've had a chance to post on the blog as lots has happened. We have been to the North West Regional Awards show and banquet and came home with lots of nice trophies and prizes. Both Yukon and Burgundy did themselves proud. We did a demonstration at the Nanaimo fair where they gave us a cute little red barn to set up as a cat show to promote our Garden City Show and show off the Ragdolls, Abys and Somalis with my friend Susan. It was very well received and my daughter Tina spent some time with us before heading back to Calgary with Zach and Ty.
We had our Grandson Jaden with us for a month over the Summer, his brother Colby for 2 weeks and Tina's two boys, Zach and Ty for a month in August. We all had a blast and it was very busy but fun Summer making fires, putting up tents and we all attended whatever shows were on the agenda. They sure kept Corky entertained while he convalesced from his broken ankle.
Life happens too, and my Mum was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer, so I have been busy getting her to appointments and she will have her surgery on Nov. 2nd. In the meantime Corky and I and apparently Jaden (last minute addition) will be going to Calgary for a week to do a show. We will stop for two days at our 10 acre property in Trout Lake just outside of Nakusp, for a break. Corky can give Jaden some pointers on Rugby as the 3 boys are in Rugby. Zach and Ty are going great guns in Junior A hockey with shutouts and goals all over the place. We hope we can catch a game while in Alberta.
When we get back and once Mum's surgery is done, I am heading to France for two shows. Yeah!!! I lived there for 4 years as a kid, so am looking forward to spending two weeks there. Corky had the option of going too, but decided to save his airmiles to go to New Zealand, so don't feel badly for him. We're getting ready to leave tomorrow morning, so I will sign this off and get my butt in gear. Take care folks!!!

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