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Friday, May 3, 2013

Lethbridge continued

I neglected to mention that while on my way down to Lethbridge after the evening of the Calgary show wrap up, it started to get very cold just before Nanton. Seemed that my heater had quit working. God Bless my Mohair shawl that I was able to half pie cover my fingers with while driving. Got a hot coffee in Nanton and nursed it until I got to Lethbridge to keep my fingers from freezing. Alberta weather was highlighted while driving through Lethbridge on my way to my daughter's in Coaldale when a freezing sleet and hail blizzard hit going through town. As my windshield started freezing, it illustrated that I was not going "anywhere" near the mountains on my way back without getting the heater fixed.
First thing the next morning I presented the old girl to a Napa Garage in Coaldale.
A check by mechanics indicated that mice had taken up residence in a portion of the heater block and the baffle had rusted out. Fortunately, no mice residing in there anymore, but they had left their mark.
If I was in BC, I am sure we could have turned up a good heating unit at the local wrecker as my van is one of the models you still see in abundance driving around BC. However, in "Alberta" where everyone drives a "new" truck, any older vehicles are crushed summarily as there is more money in them that way. hope for a used part. Was it time to call UHaul????? Maybe not. I asked the clerk who called in the mechanic to ask if they could fabricate a part. I mentioned that I am a BIG fam of the Red Green Show and never leave home without duct tape or WD 40.
The mechanic's eyes lit up and said he'd check with his mate. He came back and said "yes" they would try it!!!!
My daughter and grand kids and I had driven by in her "brand new" Alberta Dodge truck in the evening and noted that the old girl was "in" the garage, so that was a good sign.
Next morning I arrived to find that they had in fact fabricated the part and I was good to go.
So put a hold on the UHaul for the 3rd time this trip.
She made it home in great shape except for the aforementioned faulty alternator in Kamloops.
Just got back from a trip to Vancouver and she continues to meet all my needs. Keeps the kittens warm and comfy. Without the Grandkids along I can make up the bed and crash in comfort as well.  I guess we'll see how long it will be before I need to call UHaul.