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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Off to Nova Scotia

Corky and I are off to Truro, Nova Scotia for the All Canada Sheep Show and Sale. We dropped our sheep off in Alberta and they are headed by truck to the sale. "We" get to fly!!! We will keep you posted on our adventures in Eastern Canada. I lived there for 4 years, but Corky has never been past Alberta, so it is time he saw "Canada". We just got a note from the Weavers who bought "Luther" from us 11 years ago just after 911. Walt drove through the night from Montana to pick Luther up so he could go back and keep his Daugher Jennifer company while she was in the hospital for what turned out to be a fatal illness. He was a great ambassador and visited all the patients in the hospital. Walt recounted a time when Luther just peeled off and went in to a little boy's hospital room and sat with the little boy. The little boy died later the next day. Luther just knew who needed comfort. Luther just died and is now meeting and greeting Jennifer and Kathy Weaver's Mum who also just passed. They all loved Luther. We'll be back just in time for our local Garden City Cat Show that Corky and I started 11 years ago. This will be the first time that we don't have to be show managers, so we actually get to get back home just before the show and can show up in time to help set up and can go home!!!! There is a God!!!! We'll keep you posted on results of the trip. Our Calgary show went very well with several Best In Shows for our HHPK Jassenia. We got to hang out with my grand kids Jassenia, Zach and Ty who volunteered at the show. Jassenia actually learned how to clerk which is pretty cool for a 12 year old. Zach worked hard stewarding for 2 rings both days. We're proud of the kids!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Heading for Calgary

It's been awhile since we've updated the blog. Too busy to get er done. Just thought I would send a note before we head off to Calgary for a show. We're also hauling the sheep we have entered in the All Canada Classic Sheep sale in Truro, Nova Scotia.
We have never shown females, but decided this season to show a couple of females. Ragalong Africa has done well in stiff competition and is standing at a Quadruple Grand Champion. Our female kitten Ragalong Yukon Blessing has also done well especially as she has been the youngest kitten in her classes. We have so many Supreme Grand Champion males that it seemed we should maybe do some females.
We do have some really nifty male kittens coming up. One out of a Yukon litter and one out of a Burgundy litter, so I think you will see us taking out the boys again next season. Cats, kittens, dogs, horses and sheep are all doing well.
We will have our Grandsons Zach and Ty from Alberta with us at the show and also our Grand daughter Jassenia who is also from Strathmore, AB. It's a great chance for us to spend some time with the family in Alberta. Will keep everyone posted when we get back. Take care all.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Home from Portland

After a very eventful time, I am home from Portland. I traveled with my friend Susan on Horizon Air from Victoria. Got in early, and both of us were relaxing with a nice glass of wine, waiting for the flight when I heard that the flight was cancelled and collect your luggage and go back to the check in counter. Another hour going through the check in process and we were put on an Air Canada flight to Vancouver and on to Portland. Got to Vancouver and the Air Canada flight was delayed an hour and a half for "mechanical" issues. Did get to Portland where once again we were rewarded by the fabulous Portland show crew presentation. Thousands of spectators, 17 huge barrels of food collected for the food bank and a 3 day spectacular show.
We got lots of nice wins capped by the Best In Show award which was selected by a team of celebrity judges and all the spectators. $1000 and huge rosettes which go to my lovely grand daughter Jassenia's kitten.
There were 260 cats and any final is considered a rare commodity, so were were very lucky to snag a few. It is the first time we have shown females as the Ragdoll standard is written for males, but we can only keep so many whole males and our house is filling up with our neutered Supreme champions, so decided to go with some females for a change of pace. The girls were absolutely fabulous. I really enjoyed working with them. No male hormones and attitudes to deal with.
The trip home was "not" uneventful. The Horizon flight was listed as "late". As it grew a bit "too" late, Susan stepped up to the gate just in time to see the sign change from "late" to "CANCELLED"!!! We had joked that after two hiccups, we were home free. I did, however, venture the comment that "I hope it doesn't work in threes". Yup. Delayed again for several hours while they got another plane ready.
Anyway, home again and happy to see Corky and all the new lambs and critters on the place. Til next time.