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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It has been busy here at Briar Glen with puppies, Fall lambs and now January lambs coming up. Good news is that the puppies are thriving as are the kittens. Fall lambs are growing like weeds and Corky is gearing up for Jan. 1st lambing start (again). It was too busy to get cards out as Marilyn has been dealing with a Revenue Canada audit, which is going ok, but so much paperwork to deal with and has not left any spare time for the nice things in life like contacting all our friends, new and old with Christmas greetings, so I am using this forum for those who check in from time to time. We had a good show in Puyallup and my Grandson Colby got 16 "First Bests" with his HHP kitten. Our kitten Ragalong Yukon Gold also has been burning up the show halls. Corky and I are going to try and get to Revelstoke in our "Classic" (old) van for Christmas day and a few more days to meet with our #2 daughter Sherean and family. Maybe get to use the skis (cross country, as I sure don't ski anything else) and snow shoes. Our so called "good" truck is laid up with a crank case problem and we are trying to get a part for it. So, it will be an adventure, and lord knows we love an adventure. So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone and look forward to keeping in touch in the New Year. Marilyn and Corky and all the warm fuzzies at Briar Glen.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hi everybody, our first ever Fall show went well. We collected heaps of food for the Sidney Food Bank and gave out tons of cake and Starbucks coffee to our spectators and exhibitors. Everyone had a good time.
I am off to Calgary for a show from Oct. 23 to Oct. 29th. I will be checking my emails periodically so if you have anything urgent, send and email and I will try and get back to you. Wishing everyone a happy Halloween. Marilyn

Monday, August 31, 2009


Here we are again, getting ready to do our Fall Show. Our show will be Oct. 2 and 3rd, 2009 at the Mary Winspear Center in Sidney. We will have a booth at the Saanich Fair with a "mini cat show" theme. Examples of cat breeds, cat teasers and some nice book marks to pass out that have our upcoming shows listed and a 2010 calendar on the back with our shows marked on it. We welcome any and all of our customers and friends to see us at the booth and to attend the show. We will be having our Famous Cake Purrrrrrade for exhibitors and spectators alike. We can always use volunteers to help with our Food Bank Collections.
On another note we have a nice litter coming up soon for adoptions. Look forward to hearing from new and past friends.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Calgary bound

Our show was a great success and we managed to get tons of food for the Sidney Food Bank and funds for the Mustard Seed. All the exhibitors seemed happy with their show results and tours around the fabulous Sidney area. Our cake parade was enjoyed by spectators and exhibitors alike. THANKS to Starbucks in Sidney for donating our coffee for 2 days and THANKS also to Sidney Thrifty's for sponsoring one of our cakes.
Corky and Marilyn are Calgary bound for 10 days so will keep in touch via email when we get a chance. Yee Haw!!! Marilyn

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Garden City Jazz Party

We will be putting on our 7th Annual Garden City Jazz Party on Sat. and Sunday, June 28 and 29 at the Mary Winspear Center in Sidney. We have the TICA Judge of the Year and also Alberto Leal from Brazil as well as our host of local International judges. Tons of cats, tons of breeds and tons of vendors. We will also have a cake parade both days for spectators and exhibitors alike. We manage the show, so will be "very busy" both days and are showing 6 cats as well. We are doing a food drive for the Mustard Seed and Food Bank, so if you are coming, bring some non perishable food items. Come by and check out our booth.
I will be in Calgary for a few days next week as well, taking care of business. Hope to see you guys at the show.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cat Genes Tests

We have received some of our tests back from the Cat Genes Lab in Texas. Good news so far, all the HCM tests correspond with the UC Davis results and all are negative for kidney issues and all are A blood type. Marilyn

Longview, Washington

May 15, 2009, true to form, I have only just worked out how to access this blog again. Computers!!!!!! Anyway, Corky and I are off to a show in Longview Washington for the Victoria Day weekend. We will be back on Monday. We have some really nice kittens coming up and I will be getting pictures done when I get home next week. We will have our Grandson Jaden with us this time. We have set up a booth at the Luxton Rodeo for this weekend which promotes our Garden City Cat Club show c0ming up next month on June 27 and 28 in Sidney. We will be working with the Food Bank and taking donations at the door of the show. Contributors can get $2.00 of their adult admission if they bring stuff for the food bank. The Portland show managed to get 13/45 gallon drums of food for their food bank. We are throwing out a challenge to Victorians to meet or beat the Portland contributions.
On a health note, we have had two kitten owners over the past year turn up with kittens diagnosed with Crptococcus. One was up Island and the other was over in Vancouver. So, people, might be a good idea to check out any suspicious symptoms. The Cryptococcus fungus is located for the most part on the middle of the Island, around the Cathedral Grove area. It has been known to cause problems with pets that roam outside. If any one is having any issues, you might want to mention this to the vet, so they can do appropriate tests. Another good reason to ensure that your cats remain indoors, especially if you are in the affected area. It has not been associated with the Victoria area. Talk when we get back from Longview. Marilyn

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hello everyone, looks like I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the internet age. Didn't know what a blog was until last month. Anyway, let's see if this thing helps everyone know what is going on at Briar Glen Farms.
A number of very happy people have already taken delivery of their kittens and we are delivering some on our way to a show in Calgary on April 18 and 19. So, we will be away from Thurs. evg. to Thursday April 23. We want to see our kids in Calgary while there and stop at Trout Lake on the way home. My daughter and her family will be looking after the critters while we are gone.
We have some new kittens for those who missed the early litters. Just email us and I will get back to people with pictures and descriptions when we get home. All are by our Supreme Grand Champions and of course all guaranteed for 3 years for health. We are currently waiting results from Cat Genes in Texas on a new group of replacement kittens. It is the first time we have used them. Have used UC Davis in the past. Take care everyone and enjoy your new babies. Marilyn


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