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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Longview, Washington

May 15, 2009, true to form, I have only just worked out how to access this blog again. Computers!!!!!! Anyway, Corky and I are off to a show in Longview Washington for the Victoria Day weekend. We will be back on Monday. We have some really nice kittens coming up and I will be getting pictures done when I get home next week. We will have our Grandson Jaden with us this time. We have set up a booth at the Luxton Rodeo for this weekend which promotes our Garden City Cat Club show c0ming up next month on June 27 and 28 in Sidney. We will be working with the Food Bank and taking donations at the door of the show. Contributors can get $2.00 of their adult admission if they bring stuff for the food bank. The Portland show managed to get 13/45 gallon drums of food for their food bank. We are throwing out a challenge to Victorians to meet or beat the Portland contributions.
On a health note, we have had two kitten owners over the past year turn up with kittens diagnosed with Crptococcus. One was up Island and the other was over in Vancouver. So, people, might be a good idea to check out any suspicious symptoms. The Cryptococcus fungus is located for the most part on the middle of the Island, around the Cathedral Grove area. It has been known to cause problems with pets that roam outside. If any one is having any issues, you might want to mention this to the vet, so they can do appropriate tests. Another good reason to ensure that your cats remain indoors, especially if you are in the affected area. It has not been associated with the Victoria area. Talk when we get back from Longview. Marilyn

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