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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hello everyone, looks like I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the internet age. Didn't know what a blog was until last month. Anyway, let's see if this thing helps everyone know what is going on at Briar Glen Farms.
A number of very happy people have already taken delivery of their kittens and we are delivering some on our way to a show in Calgary on April 18 and 19. So, we will be away from Thurs. evg. to Thursday April 23. We want to see our kids in Calgary while there and stop at Trout Lake on the way home. My daughter and her family will be looking after the critters while we are gone.
We have some new kittens for those who missed the early litters. Just email us and I will get back to people with pictures and descriptions when we get home. All are by our Supreme Grand Champions and of course all guaranteed for 3 years for health. We are currently waiting results from Cat Genes in Texas on a new group of replacement kittens. It is the first time we have used them. Have used UC Davis in the past. Take care everyone and enjoy your new babies. Marilyn

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