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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Garden City Show, June 25 and 26

I haven't had time to do my blog, not because there was nothing to say, but because there was so much going on. My friend Susan and I did a booth at the Victoria Pet Expo a week and a half ago and I can modestly say that our booth was by far the most popular. I'll bet the kittens on display had nothing to do with it!!! What a contrast our cage with Ragdoll kittens and Susan's with pretty much the opposite with Abysinnian kittens and a Somali. We were promoting our upcoming show on June 25 and 26th. Corky and I are the Show Managers again for the 10th year and it does take a lot of time and effort to pull off successfully. Can't say I will be sorry when it is over again for another 6 months. Be sure and stop by. I will likely be very busy, so don't think I am being snobbish if I don't have a lot of time to talk. Under the serene exterior of the show, there are always hosts of little forest fires going on all over the hall. We have 12 Vendors and a full hall of cats and kittens with International Judges. It will be the first time for the Georgia Peach, Kim Tomlin to do our show. We plan on showing her a good time. We will be doing a buffet and tour of the Butchart Gardens on Sat. night. We have done it before and I never tire of the magical evening. I always think that I would likely rather go my room and put my feet up with a good glass of wine, but as soon as we go through the gates at the Gardens, my spirits lift and everything becomes very serene.
We missed the first two shows of the season as my only brother Big Bob had a stroke and is not doing that well, so I want to spend more time with him this year.
Happily Yukon got his International Win, which in the International Cat Show circles is a really neat achievement. Only 50 cats out of the thousands showing get an International win. Burgunday, Bonzai and Yukon also have a bunch of Regional wins and awards coming at the Regional banquet and show in August, so things in the cat end of things are going well. We've met a lot of neat people lately looking for kittens. You get to meet some of the nicest people in what we do. Grand kids are all doing well and 3 of them will be cleaning cages at the show this weekend. We would not be able to do the show without the help of my kids and Grand kids. Donnie will be putting up signs on Friday night and Serena will be helping all weekend where ever help is needed.
We are also getting fencing around our 10 acre parcel in Skutz Falls in Lake Cowichan, so besides working with the farm stock and cat and dog stuff we are pretty busy. Look forward to meeting and greeting all our friends in the next few months. Wish us luck with the show.

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