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Monday, May 9, 2011

Back home again "for now"

Back home from the trip to the Calgary show where Yukon and Ambrose and Acacia did very well. Best in Shows for Yukon, Ambrose and Acacia which was pretty good for Acacia's first show. Hard for the girls to show against the big boys like Ambrose. The best part of the trip was getting to hang with Jassenia, my one and only Grand daughter (have 6 Grand sons) at the show and the hotel. Got to visit with Sherean and the family (Rownan and Rueben as well as Jassenia. Corky, being the great guy he is, drove home with the kittens while I spent some time seeing Tina, Zach and Ty in Lethbridge. Got to see Zach and Ty playing their Junior triple A hockey and then see Tina working with her 2 new Performance mares, Fancy and Seven. Got to get Zach and Ty together with Jassenia and Rowan for a visit in Calgary and then did the Zoo with Zach and Ty. All in all, a really good time. Had a fabulous meal with Sherean and family.
I left from Calgary in the early hours to fly to the show in Conneticut which was the last 3 day show of the Season. Yukon made quite an impression on the East Coast Breeders who were all really nice and it was great to put faces to names. Yukon was the 2nd Best Cat in the Show and he once again managed several Best in Shows which put him in to the International Winners Circle. He didn't miss having to show against Burgundy, but I was not going to fly with 2 cats under the seat for 10 or more hours.
Home again with lots to catch up on and preparing for our June Show in Sidney and deciding if we can get away for the Tukwila Titlist show.

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