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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the Road Again

Corky and Marilyn are on our way to Calgary for a show where we will get to meet all our cat show friends, many of whom have not seen Corky for awhile. We also get to visit with 4 of my Grandchildren and their families which is a real bonus. Jassenia the oldest of 7 Grandchildren and the only girl will be stewarding at the Calgary show and hanging with Grandma and Grandpa at the hotel.
Corky will be driving home from Calgary, but Marilyn will be visiting with the family and then heading to a show in Conneticut on April 28th and coming back on May 4th. I will be checking emails while on the road, so please send us an email to stay in touch. I tried downloading pictures of kittens that will be available from the end of April, but not sure if I will be able to activate the thing as it doesn't seem to be working on my home computer. It is called a Passport or something and has my files on it according to the fellow from the computer repair, but typically, I can't seem to make it work. Maybe it needs a drive in the truck first to be ready to open its' secrets. If, for some reason it does not work, we have some lovely blue and seal bicolor male and female kittens coming up as well as some cute as a button blue and seal mitted males and females. Kitten pictures on the site accurately reflect the type of kittens available as they will be brothers/sisters or cousins to the ones on the web site. As everyone knows, we guarantee our kittens for 3 years and they come from DNA negative HCM and PKD mums and dads.
We will have more news when we get home and I will post while I am on the road if there is anything really exciting to pass on. Take care everyone, Marilyn and Corky

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