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Friday, February 4, 2011

After Portland and before Ferndale

Marilyn is back from the Portland show that highlighted a huge number of entries. SGC Ragalong Burgundy was lucky enough to snag a BEST CAT in heavy competition along with a 2nd Best and several other finals. RW SGC Ragalong Yukon Gold also took his share of finals home. It is tough bringing your own competition, but both cats are just too good to leave at home. It was unfortunate that after such a great show, the Portland show crew suffered a bad accident on their way home when a drunk driver literally ran into the back and right on inside their show trailer which contained all the club's show supplies. Thank goodness there were no injuries.
Marilyn is getting ready to go to a show in Ferndale Washington at their new location on Feb. 11th.
Corky is headed to New Zealand for 2 weeks on the 24th of February, so Marilyn will be super busy for those 2 weeks.
All the family is doing well. Grand kids are all coming along well and Zach and Ty in Alberta are burning up the hockey rinks. My daughter Serena's kids, Jaden, Colby and Dusty are busy with Rugby, much to Grandpa's delight. Jaden will accompany Marilyn to the Ferndale show. We always have fun together.
My poor daughter Sherean and her family are currently under tons of snow in Strathmore, Alberta. The kids won't be able to move around too much.
So, no complaints from this end and I hope everyone is having a great year so far.

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  1. congrats on the show!..your ragdolls are the best in our books!!