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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Before the Storm

They are predicting a big wind storm tomoorrow, so thought I would get a note off before we lose our power and go off line.
We had a great show at Ferndale with Best In Shows and both boys did well.
Corky is in New Zealand (Christchurch) where he is visiting family for two weeks. His family is pretty much ok although some inlaws did have their houses collapse. I am sure Corky will be a great help while he is there.
Our Garden City Club members seem to be having some interesting times. Susan Marshall had a big butcher knife flip up and slice the tendons on the top of her foot. She apparently is doing ok.
With the past snow storm while heading in to the Collision garage to pick up our 1 Ton truck that had suffered a rat attack, a big branch came through the back window of our little car and I got some bumps and bruises but all is well.
I'm off to take care of the farm stuff before it gets dark, so if we lose our power, people will have some idea of what is going on around here. Wish all the best for everyone with our challenging weather. Beats an earthquake, though. Take care everyone.

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