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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas is a comin' and we are not ready!!!!!

By now, most years we would have our Christmas cards done and out, "some" baking done and a tree up. So far this year, what with shows in Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver and then managing our show on Nov. 27 and 28th followed closely by a show in Tukwilla, I have not done "anything" yet!!!! The show in Tukwilla went well with Burgundy taking many finals up to and including a Best In Show. Yukon grabbed a couple and our new kitten protoge Ragalong Sir Ivanhoe also got a few. It's tough bringing your own competition to a show with Yukon and Burgundy, but they are both so nice, I can't leave one behind.
Because things have been so hectic, I wanted to use this time and space to wish all our wonderful Ragalong Kitten Owners and Graymar Great Pyrenee Puppy owners a wonderful Christmas wish and a Happy New Year's and let you all know that just because I have not got to the card thing yet, we are thinking about you all and appreciate, greatly, all the wonderful pictures and updates. Just got a warm and fuzzy email from Powell River with 2 wonderful warm fuzzies cuddled up together that warmed my heart.
We are going to the Chemainus Dinner Theater with my daughter and her family tomorrow night and staying over til Friday, so that just might be our Christmas fling. We are having Christmas dinner at Serena's so I may never get a tree up or baking done. Thank God for Kelly Hayton who brought absolutely fabulous baking to the Tukwilla show. Christmas cupcakes complete with red and green butterflies. I bought a bunch, so might have to settle for those for my Christmas offerings. Thank you Kelly for your wonderful creations!!!!
My oldest daughter Tina has bought herself a house for Christmas, so they are going to have a wonderful time breaking in their new home. We want to take a flight in the New Year to go and see Zach and Ty playing their hockey. They are burning up the ice apparently. Sherean, our middle daughter and her family Rueben, Jassenia and Rownan are busy getting their home ready to sell so they can buy a farm in the Golden area. She has created a Garden of Eden out of dry prairie turf. Anyone who gets their place will love what Sherean and Rueben have created.
Corky has been busy holding the fort while I have been getting our boys out to the shows. For Christmas he is getting a trip to New Zealand at the end of February to see his family for a couple of weeks.
All the warm fuzzies are well and Daisy has a wonderful litter of nine fat, fluffy Pyrenees puppies and everyone knows, "nothing" is cuter than a Pyrenees pup, so we get to play with them every day.
Just in case I don't get time to get back before Christmas, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

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