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Monday, August 26, 2013

More on the Regional

Wow, I was just testing to see if the blog would work off my computer, and voila!!! It works!!! It's going to be a busy week with attending the International Annual TICA show which is being held in Bellvue, Washington. It is held at different locations all over the world. The last time it was in the North West was 10 years ago in Edmonton.  So a week of bathing cats and getting the old "Catmobile" in shape for the trip. Once the Annual is over, Corky and I will be heading to Calgary where I will do the Calgary show and Corky will do some work for my middle daughter. I'll head back on my own and hold the fort until Corky gets back.
We have some Fall lambs coming, so it will be busy.
Corky's Mum and Sister and Brother In Law will be here for a week starting Sept. 6th, from New Zealand. It will be nice to catch up for everyone. They are on their way to a family reunion in Ireland. It would be nice if we could go, but farming and critters do not allow for such things. Bad enough getting someone for a few days when Corky and I can get away together.
We've got some critters on our 10 acres in Lake Cowichan, but we have to check to be sure they have enough water as the pond has dropped dramatically. So far they are thriving and keeping the land clear of brambles and weeks and keeping all the trails open and alder free. Even if we don't have time to ride, the horses are still valuable for keeping the fields from getting over grown.
Well, I'm pleased that my computer seems to have fixed itself, so will sign off till next time.

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