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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Heading To Calgary

Hi guys, once again, here I am to give the latest and greatest. First we have to thank Miki Zahner and Wendy Huppe for managing our latest show Cat Ragalong Cloud 9, at the Edmonton Cat Show for us where he got 7 Best in Shows and in the process completed his Supreme title. God Bless you girls!!!! Our other cat Jassenia looks like she will be #1 in the Northwest Region.
I am heading to Calgary on Wednesday in my venerable old "Catmobile" van that I generally take to Cat shows as it is set up for the comfort of the cats. I'll be climbing the Coquihalla and the Roger's Pass, so I hope the old girl is up to it!!! I love her dearly, but I may change my opinion if she lets me down.
I will be meeting some new kitten owners on the way and heading down to Lethbridge to see my oldest daughter Tina and my grandsons, Zach and Ty, then heading back to Calgary for the show and having fun with my one and only Grandaughter (6 Grandsons), Jassenia (hence our cat Jassenia's name, at the Calgary show.
So....long story short, you will be able to reach me via email (Corky does not answer the phone!!!) and I can send you information if you like. So, I am off to pack and get everyone ready.  I'll post with the results of Calgary if I make it back (ha ha). It would still be ha ha if I don't make it back as I have had a very "interesting" life and if it's time to go, well then there's really nothing I haven't done yet, so I'm cool with the next adventure in the Great Beyond.

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