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Friday, September 24, 2010

Going in to Winter

We've got the sheep, dogs and horses all tucked in for Winter. Of course we don't have to worry about the cats, as all of our cats are raised indoors in heated suites. No outdoor cages for our girls and guys. Likewise our Traditional, only, bloodlines where no outcrossing has been done to other breeds to get non traditional colors.
Back from Tukwilla where Burgundy, our kitten did very well and getting ready for the new Kelowna show in October. We had a lot of discussion at the show regarding the TICA Annual which is to be held in Seattle in 2013. LOTS of planning to do. I will be hitting everyone up to buy the fabulous T shirts being sold for fund raising. Had a blast with my Grandson Jaden and Colby is gearing up for the next Tukwilla show on Oct. 16. The hunt is on for the "perfect" household pet kitten for them to show.
We are preparing for our Nov. 27 and 28 show in Victoria and welcome anyone who wants to volunteer to help at the show. We can always use more hands. Where else can you get cake and Starbucks coffee for the price of admission ($5.00) and get to see our fabulous international judges, cats and our absolutely cute "Litter Match" contest where the babies get to shine.

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