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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Briar Glen news

Hi everyone, just wanted to let everyone know how things are going here, down on the farm. People are asking, so thought I had better figure out this Blog thing again and have at er. We had good news on the show scene with our Ragalong Yukon Gold who got his Supreme in a few shows. Ragalong Bronc Buster also did well in the show scene again this year and is now retired to our living room where he happily plays with Micetro, Valiant, Butch Cassidy and assorted kittens. We are just taking a breather and will be out there again starting in Chehalis and on to our own show in Sidney on June 26 and 27th. We will look forward to meeting and greeting our friends there. Kittens have been healthy and happy and if the kittens are happy, I'm happy. Corky and I are doing great and catching up on things around the farm. We did a fall lambing so have had lambs going here and there on a regular basis. All the kids and grand kids are well. The Grand kids HHP Sir Meowser who came from an Alberta farm was pronounced Best of the Best HHP so looks like I have to buy them ties and white shirts to go to the Regional and collect their awards. I bring one of the kids with me to each show and we both have a blast. Anyway, we wish everyone well and will keep people posted on a more regular basis (I promise) Marilyn

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